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Visiting Pastor Francis

posted Feb 8, 2010, 7:47 AM by Reinoud Vaandrager
Last friday, Brynne and I visited the compound of pastor Teh Francis. Since 2004 he is running a school in Jinkfuin village for destitute children covering all primary school grades (1-6). He has around 80 pupils and 5 classrooms (although he only owns 2 and calling some classrooms would require a stretch of your imagination). Nevertheless, he is providing his community a really great service.

Pastor Francis in front of the blackboard off class 4

Since he is pastor, of course he also has his on church and preaches every sunday for the Chistian Baptist community. I havent visited one of his church services yet, but I hear they are much more lively then the European ones so I'll probably check it out one of these sundays :)

In front of pastor Francis's school for destitute children

As is the case with most NGO's in this areas, they are wholly dependent on donations from outsiders (If you think the government helps out you are mistaken) and it is no different for Pastor Francis's Goodness and Mercy Mission ( ) so we decided to donate some of the witeboards we recently constructed to the school. I just met pastor Francis (he was sitting in the internet cafe when I walked in) and he was really excited about it :)

The blackboard in the nursery, and although it has artistic value,
the whiteboard should work better :)

Pastor Francis is actually the first person from Belo I had seen before I visited Cameroon. As part of my preparation I searched on youtubes for video's from Belo and Bamenda, and found a short documentary made by an other NGO (called: what took you so long), so it was nice to see and visit him in real life (one of those rare cases boundaries between the digital and analog world dissolve)

Goodness and Mercy Missions (Belo, Cameroon)