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The water must flow...

posted Mar 1, 2010, 6:23 AM by Reinoud Vaandrager
Back in late 2009, RUDEC Sent a third stage Field Navigator to Fuli to demand details from the Quarterhead. The water must flow...

A beginning is a very delicate time. But it so happened that a project came to life to bring water to the people of Fuli, living in the remote hills of the Belo region. The volunteer (Gonzales) that stated this project last year worked with a group called "the project solution" to raise funds and install a water pipe on the hill near the quarterheads compound. As it turned out, after the first tap there was money left for a second one, and even a third one!

The 3rd and final water tap in Fuli

My fellow RUDEC volunteer (Brynne Weeks) is aiming to become a water engineer, so she picked this up as one of her main projects while in Cameroon. She was able to complete the 3rd tap early last month and thus it came to be that we were all invited for the grand opening of the water extension project in Fuli last Friday!

You are invited!

We set off with Joshua, the other RUDEC volunteers (Louise and Sian) and the 3 French boys from Berupdep (a partner NGO) to visit the quarterhead and get seriously drunk on palm wine!

After the 1 hour trek up the hill we arrived at the location of the celebration to be greeted by the women of the village holding the traditional kalabashes and singing a welcoming song.

The women of Fuli, holding the traditional kalabash

After the welcome songs we were introduced to the village elders who gave several speeches including the main thank you speech.

Meeting the elders

In case you are wondering, the thank you speech was titled "The dream unfolds." and basically boiled down to this:

The water extends life, the water expands consciousness, the water is vital to space travel. (OK, skip the space travel bit ;))

Since Brynne herself could not join, we needed someone to take her place in the ceremony. Luckily our fellow volunteer Louise was willing to be the chosen one and be accepted into the Bene Gesserit of Fuli

Louise "the chosen one" in local Bene Gesserit fashion.

After the speeches, there were foods and spices including fufu, katikati, jamajama and of course lightly fermented palm wine! When we were all fully satisfied and wondering if we were still on planet earth it was time to move to the water tap for the formal opening and at the same time the formal closing of the celebration.

The opening of the tap, the closing of a chapter

And the water flowed, and there was much rejoicing! (and it was high time Reinoud stopped making lame Dune and monty python references ;))