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The rainy season started early, but not a day too soon!

posted Feb 24, 2010, 6:18 AM by Reinoud Vaandrager   [ updated Feb 24, 2010, 6:39 AM ]
In Cameroon the dry season generally lasts until the end of March. But last week suddenly clouds started to appear, humidity levels skyrocketed, and before long the rain was pouring out of the sky in typical subtropical monsoon style!

some (welcome) clouds have arrived on the scene

It had not rained a single drop since I arrived in Cameroon on January 5, and the roads and fields had become very dry and dusty. Now it rains every day in short strong bursts (usually near the end of the day) turning the roads solid again, and the fields green.

chilling out in the hammock on my porch during the early afternoon,
reading magazines on my ebook

Personally, I love swinging lazily in my hammock on our covered terrace during the late afternoon and listening to the rain pouring down on the corrugated zinc roof (which works as an excellent amplifier) with the occasional muffled sound of rolling thunder in the background. When everything dies down the air smells really fresh and crickets start a large chorus all around us. Wonderful! :)

The evening sky right after a pounding tropical rain