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Raising Chickens

posted Feb 1, 2010, 5:47 AM by Reinoud Vaandrager
After the completion of the water pipeline extension project Brynne has been working on in Fuli the last couple of weeks, she was given a pair of chickens. (Chickens are the traditional gift items here)

Brynne picking up the chicken 'package'

Brynne is vegetarian, so putting the chickens in the pot was not an option. Solution: Raise the chickens ourselves! (And since we got a hen and a rooster, we can even get chicks in the future)

First we had to decide on a name. Since Brynne just got a nice custom made dress that makes her look like tinker bell from peter pan (in a good) way we decided to stick to that theme and name the rooster: Peter Cock, and the hen: Wendy Hen. Brynne would obviously be tinkerbell and that leaves me as 'the lost boy'

Lost boy feeding Wendy Hen and Peter Cock

The first couple of days whe had to tie the chickens up so they would not run away. Also we needed to keep the chickens indoors to prevent them being stolen at night. Luckily we have an abandoned 5th room in the house that made an excellent chicken coup. When we initially got the chickens they were in total shock (they are carried on motorbike in small woven baskets). But from the second day onward they quickly became more settled and vocal. Today the cock is cockledoodledooing if his live depended on it so things are looking good!

...Who knows? Perhaps we will even get some eggs in a couple of weeks :)