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Belo: Inside and Out

posted Feb 8, 2010, 6:47 AM by Reinoud Vaandrager
In the greater "Belo area" there live around 80.000 people. The town however seems much smaller and most of the action happens around the main crossways called "three corners" from here you can take a taxi to Bamenda and other destinations, or get a motor taxi to the closer and harder to reach area's. Also there are shops (or sheds) on both sides down the main road selling everything from pots and pans to animal feed. In the center there is also the main office of Berudep (the other, larger NGO in Belo) and a nice cafe called "the social spot" where they have the only fridge serving cold drinks in town.

Belo: at "three corners" if front of the motorbike stands and garage

Every 8 days there is a "farmers sunday" which means there is a market on the hill of the town selling everything from dried fish to fresh pineapples, but also old (often from the 70's) schoolbooks and basic electronics. Since we have a cook (Victorine) I sometimes go with her to the market to buy food in bulk for the upcoming week. Since nobody has refrigerators (and we live in a tropical climate) obviously this means buying good that store well such as potatoes, rice, beans, etc.

Belo: Looking towards the market hill on a "farmers sunday" (hence: busy)

On the way from "three corners" to the RUDEC guesthouse where I live, you almost pass a very nice waterfall. You have to whack through some bush to get there (and jump over a lot of slippery rocks) but once there it is a beautiful and refreshing place, the waterfall fall  down, and bounces in a zig zag pattern over all the rocks, being sucked up in some underground hole at the end (a hole where you don't want to fall in by the way..). The nice thing about this is that at some points you can fully walk behind the waterfall. It is not the biggest waterfall I've seen (hello Iguacu! :)) but definitely one of the more charming ones.

Belo: Louise and Roxanne under the the local waterfall

Also since Belo is situated in a valley surrounded by highlands and steep hills there is plenty of hill trekking to be done. A nice walk we made recently was to the ridge of "lizard hill" (since it looks like a sitting lizard). From here you have a stunning birds-eye view of the entire area.

The birds eye view of Belo from the Lizard Hill, from L2R: Brynne, Kosaku, Andy, Louise.