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An Unexpected Visitor

posted Mar 12, 2010, 3:14 AM by Reinoud Vaandrager   [ updated Mar 12, 2010, 6:37 AM ]
Yesterday evening, one day before I will leave Belo, we had an unexpected visitor. I was at the RUDEC guesthouse teaching some girls (Rose & Queen) how to check their email on the internet when we heard a tiny heart-wrenching little whine. I looked around to see where the sound was coming from but did not see anything until I saw a really small kittens head peeking out from under our gate.. It was a tiny kitten that obviously lot her mother and was totally dirty, wet and skinny. Apparently it had fallen into a big puddle of mud, was finally able to crawl out and decided to head to our house for help. It limped in and sought refuge under one of our chairs.

A tiny visitor stumbles in through our gate.
 Under the chair...Lost, Cold, Hungry and looking for love (and fish)

We initially thought the kitten was not going to live because it looked diseased, was skinny to the bones, could barely walk and was shaking all over. So the first thing we had to do was to get it warm and dry. We warmed up some water and cleaned the fur of the kitten, after which Brynne kept it under her sweater for some time until she was dry. The Cameroonian girls set out to buy some milk powder and fish to feed the kitten, while I researched how to take care of 3 or 4 week old kittens online.

Luckily the kitten was able to eat the fish (It was so young and small, we were afraid it would need mother milk exclusively), and in fact totally gorged on it. After that it was totally happy, safe and satisfied :)

CoCo purring on my lap, after some fish, and all cleaned up.

In the evening Brynne made a nice and cozy nest for the kitten to sleep in, and this morning the kitten, who we decided to name CoCo (after the coconut curry we were about to prepare for dinner when the kitten walked in), was exploring the house and playing around with strings and bottle caps happily. Brynne totally fell in love with it and is currently out to the market to buy a basket to carry her around (even to the beach in Kribi!).

CoCo spending a warm & cozy night in Brynne's room

One problem: I'm leaving tomorrow, and Brynne is leaving next monday.. what to do with the kitten? The locals don't really care for pets (certainly not in the house) and we will be gone. Brynne is thinking about taking it back home to the US. But with a stop over in London it is not going to be easy...

Today, Playful, Curious and Part of the Family :) (At least for a few days...)



We took coco to the local bar and she got totally wacked on smirnoff ice :)

The cat is out of the bag and into the bar.

Hmm... smirnoff... ICE...

3 minutes later.

Life's goooooood.....