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Adaptive Eyecare for Cameroon

posted Jan 25, 2010, 9:32 AM by Reinoud Vaandrager
Before I left for Cameroon, I got a 5000$ grant from Google to set up an eye-vision correction project for Cameroon in collaboration with Adaptive Eyecare and the Center for Vision in the Developing World ( )

Adaptive Eyecare (based in Oxford, UK) will provide me with ~200 glasses that can be adapted on the fly (the lenses contain silicon oil that can be controlled by syringes on the side, as the lens changes shape so does the correction factor).

I brought a pilot batch of around 25 glasses with me on the plane to get started and we kicked off the project 2 days ago with our first 'patient'. Our guy had dropped out of school because he could not read the blackboard, and was known to be "completely blind after the sunset". We tested him with the adaptive glasses and it turned out that he had -6 on his left eye and -7 on his right eye (or more because the glasses only go to around -7). So he was really really happy to be able to see better! Only thing is that is so careful with his glasses now that he does not always wear them because they might break... oh well, at least he has a choice now :)

-6 Left, -7 Right... yes, this guy needed some glasses badly!